20110711 first day of training

Woke up 5:45 and thought that I was up early but both baths were occupied and in the kitchen Laurence and Rick were eating there breakfast. Sausages, cheese and bread spread with some mayonnaise stuff and the fridge is filled with that stuff except for my corner. Everybody is compaining about there diabetes but with that food I know where it comes from. Maybe I should give a course in prober food at the same time and everybody would be cured in 3 weeks.

It's a nice and clear morning after last night's heavy thunderstorm. I was up closing all the windows because the rain came in and I don't know if it was heavy or not, it shook the trailer maybe it would only have been a small one if I'd been inside. I was sad that I had to close them - at last a little cooler and fresh air and then you must close the windows.

Today my phone says it's raining at home - how does it know? Here I am in nowhere land - totally disconnected - and the phone is telling me that it's raining at home???????

Class started at 9:30 and Larry started to tell his story we watched a movie where he told the same. And by the way - I'll never connect with the participants the way we did at Anna courses. Here are Meg and Alex to young girls together around 16 and to boys, Laurence and Rick 16 and 14 and their father Bill and an older man Dale.

Larry showed us how to learn a horse to say no in 10 min. And then started Laurence's horse. A nice little paint. He started out totally scared but within 40 min he followed Larry nicely. I'm not sure I like the string he uses but it doesn't seem to harm the horse in anyway just giving discomfort if the horse doesn't follow. Afterwards we did some desentisizing with banners and tarp. And learned the horses to go out of our space.

After class I went to Mora to get to the internet, not enough signal to be able to connect to DCC, there is a small thing that I like to do. In Coborns they had fresh roasted chicken and I bought one - so much for raw :-). I also bought some cat food. That little cat mother running around is so thin that I thought that I had to help her and her baby is big enough to start eating for him self. In DK we say that only fat cats can catch mice.