20110712 second day of training

Woke up 5:45 and just like yesterday the boys and their father had breakfast when I came into the kitchen

Today is a little different because I've got my horse for the next 3 weeks. Until 9:30 there is mucking and feeding and if time a little training.

There was plenty of time. I hurried up so much that I had 1 hour to fix my papers and stuff. Maybe I should have taken a little nap? I looked totally awful when I looked at my self in the mirror. Like I hadn't slept for days. It must be the hard training and more than fresh air.

I couldn't remember that I'd ever been told my horses name so I asked; and was told that he was called Smarty Pants (SP). He is smart but he is also clinging to me. We have used a lot of energy to remove that habit besides the days planned exercises.

We have trained a lot of desensitizing. Tarp, milk jugs, bags with tin cans etc. etc. all to prepare the horse to go through the hanging tarp. SP doesn't even stop in front of it, he just walks through. I had to stop him because he should learn to do it for the legs.

We also trained front feet ready for the farrier. Lifting front legs pretty high with out help and stand still while we "hammered" with plastic, milk jugs, bags with tin cans and the usual stuff. Lunging was the last exercise and boy I was tired.

Maybe I forgot to tell that Larry had trained SmartyPants to say yes and no and count and I don't know how much more he is probably also sacked, he is afraid of absolutely nothing. On the other hand Larry tells us to do the things in right order and he hasn't with SP he tried to count every time I asked him to lift his front leg - this was a clear example of why doing things in right order. Lift leg - count - Spanish steps, not lifting legs at last.

I needed to go to Mora to use the internet at Hardees again so I can send an email to the family and ask them to send me the cord to the camera. It seems that I haven't brought it with me and the one coming with the kit, I bought in the airport, doesn't work. There are small holes so it might need some pins in it to make it work.

And now Larry's little helper (maybe 10 years) races out of the drive way on his ATW. Speaking of driving - Larry drives to class every day and there is less than 500 meters to his home from the school.