Woke up 6:30 after have been awake several times during the night because I was cold. First closing the windows, next time closing the door, then putting on some clothes then finding an extra blanket and still it was cold. This is extreme - from not be able to sleep because the sweat is running from you; to need to put clothes and blankets on and closing the trailer totally.

I'm glad that I took a couple of blouses with long sleeves with me after all. I didn't do that from the beginning because I saw the temp in Minnesota had been warm in their forecast for a long time and this is mid July

Even though I'm feeding the cat where she lives she is waiting for me lying on my doorstep. I have feed her 3 times it's amazing that she just knows where I live. She comes running towards me when I come and maybe I'm allowed to pet her.

Ok I started late mucked and trained my horse and I was still finish at 8:07 and had almost 1 hrs to my self. Laurence helped me giving hay; they are nice kids almost too polite. Rick, really proud, told me that his horse didn't have time to wait for him before it went into the hanging tarp . Rick and Laurence both had totally unbroke horses with them, they were not even used to be lead. When they unloaded them they backed the horse trailer directly into the stall. Extremely interesting to see that there was almost no difference between their horses and our horses this morning.

Today's plan

We trained the horses to stand still with their front legs on a step of some kind. It could bee one made from concrete or wood everything works. The horse should love to stand there because for the final show we'll have to stay there on the horses back while Larry fires his gun. We went over mattresses and tarps. No problems at all. All horses had learned to trust their handlers so much the first two days that it was a piece of cake. We put on the bit (and bridle) no problemos, just give them some food at the same time and they will not notice. Actually it's cheating, don't you think :-)

My video camera ran out of power; it seems that I really have to notice if the recharching lamp is on or off. I only got half of the bit demo. But on the other hand I also only got half of the "beginning trail" demo because I forgot to press the "record" buttom.

After class I went to Wal-mart in Cambridge almost 60 km from here and they didn't have a sim-card for my phone either as I was told. A guy told me that I could go to Blaine - a store there sells simcards. Blaine oh yeah it's 60 km further away. Looked for organic fruit and veggies but it wasn't just impressive. Saw a Cub store that had a big sign in front that said "Food" and I tried it. This time I got both cherries, nectarines and strawberries and even organic avocadoes, much better than Wal-mart. It's amazing to see how much of a store is garbage food and how much space they are using on healthy food. No wonder everybody says they have diabetes and other health problems. That reminds me that the guys here have loads and loads of pills and stuff with them. I even saw a glass of B-vitamins, why not just eat some proper food and get the vitamins, instead of sausages made of bad meat glued together with chemicals?

When I came back from my escapade I hurried to feed my horse, he had only got a small portion before I left and I had no idea that I would take me 4 hours.

Bumped into Dale and told him about the sim-card nightmare. He has a Desire just like mine, so we decided to try and make his a hot spot so I can use that to get to the internet. Don't say internet to an American and he doesn't understand what you are saying. Say "innernet" and he will understand immediatly.

Had a late dinner in my trailer and went to bed around 22:30. I'm almost getting my 8 hours of sleep haven't done that for years.