20110716 No school today

It was 6:30 when I woke up, didn't sleep well tonight was awake several times but must have fallen asleep eventually

My biceps are sore. I had to hold Smarty's legs for a longer period so he didn't learn to get his feet each time he kicked. I lifted them with a rope and he kicked either after the flies or after the rope but no matter what I couldn't let him set it down before he stopped kicking and I can feel it in my arms today but the result is nice. Lifting his hind legs high and nice.

Today's Plan

I mucked and trained Smarty a little. Lunged a bit. I finally found out what I did different on one side. I knew there must be something since he did the right turn wrong almost every time. Today I finally figured out that I wasn't changing hand in the same way I did for a left turn.

I tried again and again to plug into Larry's internet and twisted a couple of settings and now I can connect but cannot open ONE internet site. Who has said it should be easy to connect to the internet in this desert?

Bill called Roger, the owner of the tack store and we drove off to check it out. Don't know where it went wrong. Either Larry hadn't given the right direction or Bill had got it wrong. The result was that we ended up driving a very long detour. Roger didn't have anything I liked. He had tons of Western saddles so if I was into Western it would probably had been a good shop

Megan's mother came to visit Megan and she has made aprons to all of us.

Extremely nice and very kind of her and very good for my pockets. They have become totally frayed after one week. Now the pockets in the other jeans are saved, I thought denim was supposed to be a strong fabric.

I've been after a SIM-card all week and today when I had the time I drove to Mora to go to Radio Shack as I was told. The one in Mora couldn't help me but told med that their store in Cambridge could so I drove to Cambridge again again. This time I almost got home with a wrong card. Only because someone with more knowledge came I got a card. Now I only have to get it activated, but how can you do that. I've to call them to do it but I've no card and no phone. And I'm not sure it fits into my phone but time will show.

I used the afternoon to clean "my house" had the carpets out to clean and swiped the floor. Now it looks nice again. All that grain and mud doesn't look good.

After having been in contact with Denmark I've found that the SIM card is a micro sim card which doesn't fit into my phone. OK no more tries.

I think I've used a couple of hours trying communicate with Denmark. I could send SMS' to Claus but he couldn't send back, so I called him via Skype. I could hear him clearly but he couldn't hear me, how fun was that. When I tested the headphones they tested fine.