20110720 Ponied out on a trailride - midway

Got up early again today to do the usual things before it got hot. It was already 80/27 degrees at 8:00 but it is blowing a bit so hopefully it will not get as hot as Monday. Trained fore quarter turns from the saddle and taught him to jump as high as 3".

Today's Plan

We started with theory as usual but went down early while the temp was still "low".

Smarty Pants and I was the demo team today. While lunged by Larry we learned SP to freeze in the second I got unbalanced. I was supposed to lean forward and grap around his neck and he was supposed to freeze. He was as usual good. One time I was about to go down and SP lost his balance and I grab even harder and landed on my feet and he froze. So nice. If we hadn't learned that trick SP and I, I would have been lying flat on my back on the ground. After that he was ready for a pony trip. We were ponied out and riding ourselves home (Laurence and his horse Apache was on the other team. I have to remind you that Apache came and hadn't been lead in a rope ever before he came here last Monday). Over hills (I don't like hills to steep) SP did well I didn't :-) We rode through water holes, over small trees that trickle him on the stomach, through plants as high as up to his withers. And the water was not only water, my boots were half way wet when we were at the deepest.

Tomorrow my but will hurt. The stirrups were to long I even lost them in the water an had to climb a hill without them so I didn't sit proberly in the saddle.

Got back home and took all the tack off him. Saw Roanie desensitized to the truck and loaded on the back of a truck. The two girls working for Larry (Sam and Caia) was ponying out another horse; Laurence and I were told to take another trip this without being ponied. Everything went well. We even went through a pile of tin cans, had a funny motor cycle and an ATV coming by. On our way home Larry came in his truck with the horn honking, after him came another truck, as if he was paid for it, with high speed and our horses didn't even blink. I just have to add that the reins were loose and not used much we had done our ground work good.

Went back to the class room to see a bucking movie Larry has made. We were all more or less at sleep for the first hour or so since he was just talking and we had already hear it. But when he came to the demos we watched him "spoil" two buckers in a very short time. Within 40 minutes none of them were bucking anymore. But it was so hot in there that it was almost impossible to avoid falling asleep.

This one is for my sister and she knows what's it all about.

Yesterday on the way to Mora, I met an ambulance, which raced off in the opposite direction. Today Larry told that it was someone who had been kicked in the stomach by a horse. He believes that more should participate in his courses, so there was more secure horses out there

Sorry I published to early.

When I got back from Mora it was still 82/28 but the wind was making it bearable. I took SP out of his stall for some training. He was almost asleep wasn't easy to wake up until he saw the trailer. That trail riding was too boring. We trained jumping into the rocking trailer (this time the logs that held the trailer steady was removed) made a fore quater turn to get front end out first and jumped out again. Why? I prepared him for jumping into the back of a pickup truck which we did afterwards. He just loves to make all kinds of tricks.

I was sitting on the stairs in front of my trailer and enjoyed the frisky wind. I was so tired that I hardly had the energy to go and have a bath but I was so dirty and sweaty the I simply had to.