I published the diary of yesterday a little to early I've added something more

Always complaining about the weather. Today it's 62/17 at 6:00 when I got up. They said it would drop 10 degrees but this morning temp has dropped 20. I'm sure the sun will give a little more warmth when it gets up.

Alex was not satisfied with the accommodation for her horse Bud so she has moved him to a small pasture with high grass. I'm not sure Bud thinks it's such a god idea, he has been calling his fellow horses all night and even got answers from time to time; quite annoying to hear that all night.

It seems that I'm ahead of the plan. I miss to do the trail(over obstacles) ride from the saddle and ride onto the pickup truck. I was lazy this morning I only did the mucking, feeding and grooming no training. I helped Rick together with his father and brother to try and desensitize Mister, hi's a tuff guy to get desensitized. Yesterday Rick was doing good with the Tuck of War. "Tug of War" means having the horse so ground tied that not a body builder can move it.

Today's Plan

We trained the teeter bridge (vippende bro) and I stood in line with all the others and did it together with them although SP and I have been doing it all week. We can even stand in the middle and go back and forth, back and forth teeter tottering.

I rode a lot not easy to learn a totally new horse to go straight from one place to another.

Those who hadn't been on a trail ride were Double Teaming with Larry to learn the horse to freeze and for Larry check that the horse (and rider) were good enough to go trail riding. We are all going out tomorrow so everybody should be OK. With so many young horses it wouldn't be a good idea if one spooks and run off. What a commotion that could be.

I helped Elizabeth with the teeter bridge. First time she got Cooper up on the bridge she stopped in the middle and I saw with my own eyes how the horse get scared when the bridge starts to tip both ways.

Went to Mora to buy some food and drove by the fair. Found it but to me it more looked like a tivoli. Maybe if I'd left the car and passed the tivoli. When I got back from Mora the boys were out training their horses.

Remember these two horses were the horses they couldn't even lead into there stalls almost two weeks ago. After I took the pictures Rick and Mister jumped the truck

I sat on the steps to the trailer and enjoyed to see the thunderstorms passing by in the horizon.

The cat I'm feeding must the last one Larry has. Bill and the boys found the other one dead today.