20110723 Saturday - A day for a needed rest

Laurence helped with the water it was rotten again. This time I took a bucket and emptied it until 1/3 was left so noone would get wet by that stinky water. It's only 4 days since we did it last, still don't understand why it's done like that and I'm quite sure that he doesn't do it that often and neither does Jody she would run out of time if she should do that besides all her other chores.

Today's Plan

Go to Camebridge to:
    * Check out the mega tack store.
    * Buy a external harddrive, the PC is full.

Go to Mora to:
    * To pay a visit to the laundromat.
    * Get on Skype and talk to the family.

Head back to MNHTA to:
    * Train more riding with Smarty Pants.
    * Rest, rest, rest.
    * Get some sleep.
    * Maybe even watch some TV, have forgotten how it is.
    * Rest, rest and rest.

OK; most of it is done. Got some reins in the tack store 3 stories (Larry claims it's the biggest in Mn). Those I had originally were too short. Those I got instead were long enough but somehow the knot made the reins uneven in length when I had the knot right in front of me one rein was very loose and the other very tight. So I bought some new ones for 8,95 $ and I've tried them they are exactly as I like them to be.

I also got some more memory. A portable harddrive; 500 Gb for 49$ a USB memory stick was 69$ for 16 Gb.

I never found the Laundromat in Mora so I've a problem: If it gets as hot next week as it has been then I have no more clothes. Must get an adress so I can go in the evening one day.

Larry had "open house" but due to all the stuff with fairs etc. he only had one visitor. But by showing him the video of Apache from the first day and Laurance showing what Apache can do today almost 14 days later I'm sure we convinced him that it will be the best to come here.

I could almost touch the little kitten today. He has started to eat my feet and while he was eating I could touch him. Hopefully I'll be able to get him before I leave so his eye can be treated.

Skyped with the family as planned.

Rode SP he gets better and better to go straight. Had a lot of rest but never got to watch TV. Used the evening to do some cleaning on the PC so it's ready for next week and went through my notes.