20110725 First day of the last week

Mucking and grooming as usual. Then we walked the pillars. The narrow ones not the wide one as we used to. Then we jumped into the truck. We are good but - when we "jumped" down it was to slow. SP almost lost his balance. Only because Bill was there and grabbed him and helped him with his balance we didn't stumble and maybe fall. OK we need to train to do it more like a jump not as a stroll in the park. We also tried the pedestal (Elephant foot) again didn't succeed with that either. But I realised what the problem is. SP is too eager to get his hind legs up before he has braised his front legs so he is not able to hold his balance. So we have done a lot of placing the front legs correct on the pedestal.

SP has got a wound in his mouth and I know that I've been very gentle with the reins so it must be the bit. Larry thinks it might be that the bit is too big so we will probably change bit. I've putted some salve on it and it looks good already.

Today's Plan

We did the neck reining. SP and I have trained that the last couple of days so he was already quite good at that so I think I'll start to see how he is doing the side passing tomorrow. Larry says we need to be very good at neck reining before we start to side pass.

Alex did the demo for Riding Double - don't know if it's so common here in USA. I've never seen it in DK. The same with all Larry's talking about buckers, runaways and rearers; of course we have those in DK but not in those numbers to make it such a big problem as it seems to be here.

We didn't do the kicking horse. We should have. I chased Mister again today he back into Shya and started kicking her. It's not the first time he's doing that stunt. He did it with Apache also. Apache has scars from his kicking.

We were also doing slide stops - I mean the others were doing slide stops. SP quickly learned that at that spot "she will ask me to stop" so of course he stopped so it didn't got unpleasant if I stopped him. OK, one more thing to do tomorrow. Changing the pattern all the time so he doesn't anticipate anything.

I found the Laundromat and got my clothes washed this evening. The other day I withdrew 20$ at the ATM and got it in one bill. At the Laundromat I had to get coins so I place my 20$ bill in the changer to get some coins and it kept spitting out coins; 80 quarters to be exact. I used 13 quarters at the Laundromat and while waiting I went to Shopko; spent 9 quarters on a Starbuck frappuccino coffee so here I am with 56 quarters left.

My Kitty has been chased away from her home. The mare with the foal Larry brought home yesterday has been placed in the shed Kitty used for her and her kitten. She didnít wait for me this morning thus she got no breakfast. She came this evening and got dinner. I tried feeding her in front of my trailer but she used more time looking out than eating. Then I tried to lure her back to the shed but the mare came to talk, that was to close to Kitty's liking. Finally I fed her under my stairs. In the beginning she wasn't keen to get in there but ended up eating nicely and calm. I canít see the kitten anywhere. Iíve been looking for him all day with out any luck.

Hopefully Larry doesn't forget the mare. I've brought her water twice today. I mean a mare with a foal needs water more than else so I find it less good that the bucket can be empty twice in one day.

I had just fallen asleep (23:30) when there was a big commotion outside my trailer. It was Dale slamming on my door calling my name. Come and help. He had been sitting in the game room watching TV when suddenly he had seen a couple of horses in the drive way. I went for a couple of lead ropes and they were easy to catch. Actually he could have got those lead ropes himself instead of waking me. They were just grazing, not running around or anything. We lead them back to the pasture. The gate was open, somebody hadn't closed it properly. On my way back I found another horse. She was in the arena grazing hay from the hay bales there. We were lucky it was only three it could have been 20 or 30 I don't know how many horses Larry has in the pasture.