20110726 Where I found the kitten again and did the side pass with flying colours.

Couldn't fall asleep after Dale woke me up last night. Were listening to music for an hour or more before I could go back to sleep; this meant that I was a little tired this morning. Further more I got cold during the night. It's a bit dangerous with those hot days and cold nights. You let all doors and windows open and during the night it gets cold. If you're not enough awake to sense that you should close them you'll be freezing during the night. I must remember to close them no matter how hot it is when I go to bed.

Kitty came to get breakfast but no sign of the kitten. I also watered the mare again.

Emptied Smarty Pants' water barrel again again. This time I forgot to turn off the water when I filled it again so there was water all over. Trained the pedestal and jumping down from the truck from the ground. Still not steady enough for me to be on his back.

Today's Plan

At lunch I drove the kids to Mora to have a store to embroider some clothes with MNHTA's logo. I don't have any clothes that I like to have embroidered. I had hoped to find a vest or the like but I haven't found the right store and now it's almost to late.

After class we were placed in a circle with our (and the horses) heads pointing against the middle where Larry stood. We were sitting on the back of the horses. They stood like statues while we were throwing things to each other. Bunches of milk jugs, tarps, bags, cans on a string and ??? Larry stood in the middle with a large ball (one of those you lay and roll on for gymnastics) bouncing around us and to us. While we did that Larry had started the CD with tons of noise. Brass bands, trains, sirens etc. etc.

After that we had two riders carrying a tarp between them while we rode through the tarp first in the same direction as the two riders then in opposite direction or in other words against them.

Larry demonstrated how to make a horse bow in 5 min and Dale did it with his horse right after. Then he showed us how to have a horse that is hard to catch to come by snapping your fingers.

I got a little time to ride through where we did the slide stop so he doesn't anticipate what we are going to do next time. We trained the pedestal again. Now he is a little confuse if I mean him to move his front legs or get his hind legs up. But we are getting closer. He is still to slow when jumping from the truck but he jumps OK when we do the other jump. I was just thinking that we can jump up together and let him jump down and having me mounting from the truck. That would be almost as good.

Before I went to Mora to go to the internet I watered the mare again and discovered that there was a hole in the bottom of the bucket. No wonder why she is thirsty all the time. When I got back I found a bucket without a hole and she drank 2 whole buckets and nearly half of the next one. I filled it up, let's see how much is left tomorrow when she has a bucket without a hole. Kitty came to see me and she brought the kitten. I touched him he doesn't actually likes it but he doesn't get so scared that he runs away.

Then there were just light enough to try to push the Dudabon (Indian word for: everything with wheels) it went OK. He pushed it a little himself before we stopped. The we tried to do the side pass. I'm to lazy to put all the headstall and saddles and stuff on him, so we did it with just the halter on and he did it as if he has been doing it forever. Both ways. Must try to do that from the back tomorrow. It seems that I'm much better to the "dressage" like things instead of riding all those obstacles.